Season and Teadition

The best seasonal products will be your only guide. Without giving further clues than a brief shopping list, Maca de Castro offers a tasting menu-based in the heart of the island. Her intuition, creativity and adherence to tradition surround every bite.

View to the kitchen from the main room.


Research, development and tradition

The R&D&T Department and the restaurant’s own garden. Hallmarks of Maca de Castro’s cuisine.

The culinary offering created by Maca de Castro has its roots not only in Mallorcan crops and produce but also in the research that goes into finding out where these products come from and how they are produced. Maca de Castro effortlessly plays the role of ambassador for local products, which she aims to shed light on via her cuisine.

It is for this reason that she created the R&D&T Department (T for tradition) where she can uncover the depths of the products, get to know their true history and work hand-in-hand with local farmers/the payés.

The research, development and tradition department at maca de castro was born as a way to truly understand the culinary richness of Mallorca, its local farmers, its markets, its fairs and their culinary roots.

Tradition is the base of Maca's cuisine.

To do this, a garden was planted with local products to supply the restaurant. It is an entire hectare of herbs, fruit trees, birds, grains, legumes and vegetables. Planning is of the utmost importance, so the planting, seasonality, treatment and harvesting of products are all carefully considered in order to get the most out of the land. As the garden is constantly being tended to, products are used when they will enrich dishes to the maximum. Thus, harvesting often takes place on the day that the items appear on the menu. This also means that the menu is constantly evolving.

Because of this, there is a “Council of Elders”, made up of local farmers who meet and provide their knowledge on the products.